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13 OCTOBER 2019

ZeroD + Trail Team association, under the patronage of the Municipality of Polcenigo, organizes the Borc Trail, first edition of the running race in a natural environment.

There are two competitive races:

  • BORC TRAIL is 46 km long with a positive gradient of about 2500 meters.
  • SHORT BORC is 21 km long with a positive gradient of about 1200 meters.

There will also be a non-competitive walk called EASY BORC with a development of 9 km with a positive height difference of 300 meters, for which a separate regulation can be consulted on the page


Being of age (over 18 years) on the day of the test, presenting the medical certificate to the organization, valid on the day of the race, certifying the competitor’s suitability for competitive athletic sport.

Registrations from athletes who are serving a doping ban for any type of sport are not accepted.


Registrations will be possible from 20th May 2019 and will close on 7th October 2019. Each athlete must send the organization a copy of the competitive medical certificate for athletics, valid on the day of the event. With their registration, the competitors assume the responsibility of being in physical and mental conditions such as to be able to face the chosen race and recognize that they have documented the risks and difficulties of the course.

The registration fee for the SHORT BORC is:

  • € 15 from 20th May 2019 to 31st July 2019
  • € 18 from 1st August 2019 to 29th September 2019
  • € 21 from 30th September 2019 to 07th October 2019

The registration fee for BORC TRAIL is:

  • € 35 from 20th May 2019 to 31st July 2019
  • € 40 from 1st August 2019 to 29th September 2019
  • € 46 from 30th September 2019 to 07th October 2019

For registration see the website (on the respective competition pages there is the registration form). The registration fee includes all the services described in this regulation, the race package, the Sunday pasta party on arrival, all assistance, supplies during the race and any transport back to Polcenigo.


The BORC TRAIL consists of two trail running trials and will take place on 13 October 2019. Participation at the BORC TRAIL leads to the acceptance, in all its parts and without reservations, of this regulation and its possible modifications and relative notifications, which will be published on the website

By registering, each competitor agrees to comply with this regulation and frees the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any accident, for damage to persons or things derived from him or caused by himself, which may occur during the event. The BORC TRAIL adheres to the Italian Trail Running Guidelines defined in Albisola Superiore (SV) on 27-28 November 2010 (



Compulsory survival material (immediate disqualification in case of partial or complete absence): thermal sheet; glass or other personal container for drinking at refreshments.

Material strongly recommended: backpack, camel bag or water bottles with water reserve of at least lt. 0.5; waterproof jacket with long sleeves suitable to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains; the route is largely covered by the signal from the main mobile telephony operators; food reserve; cap or bandana.

Recommended material: identity document, some patches, elastic bandage; insect repellent.


Compulsory survival material (immediate disqualification in case of partial or complete absence): camel bag or water bottles with water reserve of at least lt. 0.5; thermal survival sheet; waterproof jacket with long sleeves, suitable to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains; glass or water bottle; whistle, working lamp with spare battery.

Recommended material: glass or other personal container for drinking at refreshment points, food reserve; long sleeve thermal shirt; mobile phone (it is advisable to memorize the numbers of the organizer’s phones, the route is covered in large part by the signal of the main mobile telephone operators); identity card; some patches; insect repellent; elastic bandage; replacement thermal vest; long pants.

The organization reserves the right to integrate the request for mandatory material and the list of recommended material due to the weather conditions expected during the tests, giving general communication on the site in the days before the race and timely communication to the withdrawal of the bib number and during the briefing preceding the departure.


Safety and Medical Assistance will be provided by the organization’s volunteers, health personnel (doctors, volunteers), etc. The doctors on duty are able to stop the athletes deemed unfit to continue the test in an unquestionable way: the bib will be removed. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate participants judged to be in danger with the means in their use. In case of need, for reasons that are in the interest of the rescued person, all appropriate rescue vehicles will be installed including the helicopter. Hence the suggestion for competitors to take out personal insurance that covers any costs for helicopter or other “exceptional” means. The route is in many places inaccessible to vehicles: the athlete in difficulty can be reached on foot by rescue personnel or organization volunteers. Every athlete has the obligation to assist the other athletes in any difficulty and to report to the staff of the organization situations that require assistance or help. The athlete who appeals to a doctor or rescuer submits himself to his authority and undertakes to abide by its decisions. Access to care and its nature will be left to the decision of the medical staff. It should also be noted that the entire route does not cover the telephone network.


The organization subscribes a civil liability insurance for the entire period of the test. Participation in the trial takes place under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who with their registration renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences that may derive from them following the race. By registering for the competition the competitor declares to know and accept the terms of the civil liability insurance stipulated by the organization, which can be consulted on the website, declares to accept the maximums specified by the insurance company itself.


The SHORT BORC is a mountain trail running race of a distance of about 21 km, with 1200 meters of positive gradient with departure at 8:30 am on Sunday 13 October 2019 from Polcenigo and arrival at Polcenigo. The maximum time to be classified is 6 hours, the test will therefore close at 2.30 pm on the same day.

The BORC TRAIL is a mountain trail running competition; it is about 46 km long, with 2,500 meters of positive gradient, starting at 7:30 am on Sunday 13 October 2019 from Polcenigo and arriving in Polcenigo. The maximum time to be classified is 11 hours, so the test will close at 18.30 on the same day.

Both races are developed entirely on well-marked trails and dirt roads, mostly marked with CAI signposts (cartography Tabacco – n ° 012, scale 1: 25000), with little interest in the hills of Polcenigo and Mezzomonte, the Bosco del Cansiglio and the Monte Cavallo Group. The routes are mostly carried out

along mountain and forest paths: the conditions can be difficult and sometimes extreme due to cold, wind, rain, fog. Every athlete must always have the mandatory material in which the list is detailed in article 15. To face the BORC TRAIL and the SHORT BORC an accurate training, an adequate knowledge of the mountain are essential (orientation ability, ability to follow a path, ability to deal with unexpected typical of the natural mountain environment as a thunderstorm, reduced visibility , natural obstacles), a solid capacity for personal autonomy. In the very few stretches of paved road, at the crossing points of paved roads and in the rare stretches of dirt road passable by motor vehicles, the athletes are obliged to respect the highway code.The times of the gates, that is the time within which each athlete will have to pass (ie complete the refueling and restart from the gates, corresponding to the refreshment points) to avoid being stopped, have been calculated to allow the competitors to carry out the test within the maximum time expected. The athletes who will restart from the gates beyond the maximum time will be obligatorily stopped, and the bib will be detached: the athletes will not be able to continue and will be accompanied to the point of arrival by means of the organization.

The gates for the SHORT BORC are:

· Location Val di Lama (km 11) – 12:30

The gates for the BORC TRAIL are:

· Casera Busa Bernart (about km 11) 10.30

· Casera Ceresera (km 19) at 13:00

· Casera Val di Friz (about km 33) – 16.00

· Mezzomonte (about km 39) at 17:00

Garbage collection bags are placed at each refreshment point and must be used imperatively. The path is marked with white and red ribbons and arrows. In the sections of path or dirt road where there can be no doubt about the direction to follow, the signs will be limited. The competition adheres to the campaign “I DO NOT JET MY WASTE” promoted by Spirito Trail, to protect the environment and nature Participation with accompanying dogs or other animals is not permitted.


The organization reserves the right to modify, for reasons of force majeure, at any time the route or location of the rescue and refreshment points, without prior notice. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions (cold, rain, snow, heavy risk of thunderstorms or other), the start may be postponed or the race canceled, the test may be interrupted, or the course may be modified (reduced or even lengthened) for safeguard the safety of athletes and volunteers. In case of bad weather conditions, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the trial in progress or to modify the time barriers. Any decision will be taken by the jury and by all the competent persons designated by the heads of the organizing committee itself and will be final. The official alternative route will be communicated promptly before the race. In case of cancellation (non-departure) of the test, there is no reimbursement of the registration fee.


For the SHORT BORC and the BORC TRAIL the delivery of the bibs and race packs is fixed for Saturday 12 October 2019 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and then Sunday 13 October from 6:00 am until half an hour before departure. The obligatory material to take with you during the test will be checked upon delivery of the bib number: if the mandatory material is not in order, the bib number will not be given to the competitor. If the athlete does not present the mandatory material within half an hour before the start he will not be able to take part in the race and will not get any kind of refund. Checks on the mandatory equipment can be

carried out on the route by staff appointed by the Organization: there will be immediate arrest and disqualification of the athlete in the absence of part of the mandatory survival material (see list in article 6).


They can be deposited at the Polcenigo school gym. It is the duty of each athlete to mark his own bag in order to recognize it on arrival. The organization accepts no responsibility for the custody of the bags: no dispute will be accepted. It is therefore recommended not to insert fragile or valuable objects.


The bib must be pinned so that it is clearly visible. The stamping will begin half an hour before the start of the races. The control points along the route, where the passage of the competitors will be recorded and the contents of the backpack can be verified, will be those corresponding to the refreshment points (and the gates) plus others decided by the organization that can implement controls at any point on the course, without notice.


The criterion behind this test is semi-food self-sufficiency. Refreshments will be provided with drinks and food.

The refreshment points are the following:


· Location Mezzomonte High Part, 1st refreshment stand (about km 7);

· Location Mezzomonte Longiarezze, 2nd refreshment stand (about km 15);


· Location Mezzomonte High Part, 1st refreshment stand (about km 7);

· Casera Busa Bernart, 2nd refreshment stand (about km 11);

· Casera Ceresera, 2nd refreshment stand (about km 19);

· Casera Val di Friz, 3rd refreshment stand (about km 33);

· Location Mezzomonte Longiarezze, 4th refreshment stand (about km 40);

Nowhere will there be plastic cups available for drinking, athletes must use a personal glass or other personal container suitable for use to drink. Upon arrival, a refreshment with food and drinks will be available to competitors.


There are no cash prizes.

The first 5 men in the men’s classification and the first 5 in the women’s classification for the SHORT BORC, the top 5 in the men’s ranking and the top 5 in the women’s classification for the BORC TRAIL will be awarded. The prizes will be delivered during the official award ceremony at 15:00 on October 13th 2019. The time of each athlete will be expressed in hours, minutes and seconds. In case of ex-equo, the advantage in the standings will be given to the oldest athlete, while the eventual prize will be equally divided between the two athletes.


Pick-up is allowed at the refreshment points or, alternatively, where there are personnel of the organization to whom the athlete will deliver the race number by communicating his withdrawal. The

reporting of any withdrawal is essential to avoid that the rescue vehicles are unnecessarily alert: any charges resulting from failure to report will be charged to the athlete.


Irregularities ascertained by reporting by personnel of the organization, or by video images received by the organization, may result in unquestionable disqualification after evaluation by the competition jury. The jury of the competition can decree the disqualification of a competitor due to a serious lack of regulation, in particular in case of:

· Race number exchange

· Failure to move to a checkpoint

· Path cutting

· Lack of part or all of the mandatory survival material

· Use of a means of transport

· Departure from the checkpoint – gate after the maximum time

· Doping or refusal to submit to an anti-doping control

· Failure to assist another competitor in case of difficulty

· Abandonment of own material or waste along the way

· Insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers

· Refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time of the race, or physical and / or mental state judged unsuitable for the continuation of the test.

· Assistance or accompaniment in the race by a non-registered person. Assistance is allowed only at refreshment points.


Complaints must be submitted in writing within thirty minutes of posting the provisional rankings by the organization, upon arrival. The jury is composed of: a manager of the organizing committee; a security officer; a head of the medical team. Furthermore, all competent persons designated by the Organization Committee may be heard to deliberate. Decisions will be taken at a time compatible with the obligations of the test. The decisions taken are final.


In the event of an accident or other health problem certified by a medical certificate sent by 30 September 2019, the athlete can request a 50% reimbursement of the registration fee or transfer of the registration to the 2020 edition, at his own choice. No reimbursement or transfer of registration to the 2020 edition is foreseen for waivers not certified by a medical certificate.


“The competitors AUTHORIZE, free of charge and without time limits (also in accordance with articles 10 and 320 of the Civil Code and articles 96 and 97 Law n.633 / 1941), the Organizing Association to carry out without purpose lucrative Photographs / Videos / or other audiovisual materials containing the image, the name and the proper voice and AUTHORIZE their use by the organizing Association, directly and through third parties specifically appointed. The images will be used to make promotional products (posters, brochures, Web sites, etc.), and will be used for the production of DVDs for domestic use, and Highlights of the event, with inclusion on the website www. and dissemination on social channels (groups and pages) and websites dedicated to the event. They also AUTHORIZE the insertion of the Name and Surname, own and of the child represented, exclusively in the context of the image, as specified above, or in the radio television articles / transmissions concerning the event object of this release. All other data will not be

disclosed. Also PROHIBITED, its use in contexts that undermine its honor, dignity and decorum. AUTHORIZE, the Sports Association ZEROD + and the event BORC TRAIL / SHORT BORC, to be the legitimate holder of the relative rights of use, without exception, to use the realization of the Photos / Videos without any limitation of recording and photographs. DECLARE, that they have been informed that the publication and dissemination will take place via the web and social channels available to the Association, relieving it of any responsibility from incorrect use of images by third parties “. Therefore, competitors authorize the processing of their personal data.


TELEPHONE CONTACT: +39 338 1570333
MAIL CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION: (to be used only for what concerns the registrations)

Il ritrovo è fissato dalle ore 7:30 presso il campo “Don Antonio Santin” in via Polcenigo 26 a Polcenigo. Sarà adibito un parcheggio in località Gorgazzo (100mt dalla partenza). Consigliamo vivamente, viste le severe regole comunali, di utilizzare il parcheggio indicato o di utilizzare posti adibiti a parcheggio. Presso l’arrivo/partenza ci sarà la possibilità di depositare le borse, di farsi la doccia e di mangiare un piatto caldo e soprattutto bere.
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