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Short Borc was the most participated route of the last edition, more moderate length and height compared to the long race, but with challenging stretches that still require good preparation. Immediately after departure, scheduled for 08.30 am, you will cross the Piazza of Polcenigo, then passing through the former Franciscan convent of San Giacomo in the direction of Coltura. Arrived at the famous Gorgazzo Spring you will take the paths that will take you up to Mezzomonte, where you will have little time to catch your breath before continuing the ascent towards Col Pedrois (where the ruins of an ancient abandoned village are still present) and Casera Val di Lama. With the Casera the climb will end and you will begin the descent that initially will see you crossing large meadows with a beautiful panoramic view and then it will take you into the woods to the area of Mezzomonte, passing through the Col Scussat. A succession of fast single track and other more technical trails will lead you to the finish line. This type of trail makes the descent fast and fun but for which it is necessary to maintain a good level of attention.


Il ritrovo è fissato dalle ore 7:30 presso il campo “Don Antonio Santin” in via Polcenigo 26 a Polcenigo. Sarà adibito un parcheggio in località Gorgazzo (100mt dalla partenza). Consigliamo vivamente, viste le severe regole comunali, di utilizzare il parcheggio indicato o di utilizzare posti adibiti a parcheggio. Presso l’arrivo/partenza ci sarà la possibilità di depositare le borse, di farsi la doccia e di mangiare un piatto caldo e soprattutto bere.

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